The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

mercredi 24 mars 2010

Call of the Wild Pirate Radio #1

"CALL OF THE WILD PIRATE RADIO" is a rock'n'roll amateur podcast hosted by The screamin' Soul Preacher ( you may think it's a silly pseudo...).

It's 100% homemade, wild, raw and stupid, full of crazy music, screams and a few mumbles...

The aim of this podcast is just to please my own self by playing records, dancing and shouting ! Yeah, I love that ! You may enjoy it (and that'll make happy), or not.

If you're from a band or a label and I play your song, that means it's great and I love it ! Still, if you don't want to be played in this bad so-called podcast, I understand...just tell me and I'll delete the episode and re-record it (or not) without your song...

Now, you may be already familiar with this podcast and wonder why do I re-post this again ?Well...I 'm wondering too...

Anyway, here's my first try :

CALL OF THE WILD PIRATE RADIO #1 (originally posted 04/22/2008)
About half an hour of non-stop cool and crazy twist 'n' shout, introducing The screamin' Soul Preacher telling you a sick love story full of Rock'n'roll, 60's garage, punk, surf, exotica and even a bit of soul music...

Alright, are you ready for this ?


Here's the playlist :

-"Got it goin' on" The Countdowns
-"Down in Mexico" Gator Shades Blues Band
-"Voodoo kiss" Don Sargent & the Buddies
-"I walked all night" The Embers
-"You're gone I'm left" Tyrone Schmidling
-"Broken heart" The Moonlighters
-"Ghost memories" Gene McKnown
-"I'm a living sickness" The Calico Wall
-"Shock treatment" The Invaders
-"I am to blame" The Blonde Bomber
-"Suicide" The Royal flairs
-"The fun we had" Raggamuffins
-"Hot rods to Heaven" The Fastbacks

That's it.
Thanks for listening. More retarded archives soon...
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