The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Tyrone Schmidling : "You're Gone, I'm Left".

Aaaaarrrrgh !!!

Can anything sound better than this ?!?

Chaotic, wild, frantic and untamed : Pure Rock'n'Roll !!!

Recorded in San Francisco 1958 and originally released on ANDEX, this holy gem has the magic power to take possession of your entire body and make you start doing the St Vitus dance before you even realize what's happening to your dislocated limbs ! Then, soon enough, you'll probably scream'n'howl like a wild beast from beyond under the full moon and shake'n'twist on the floor like some crazy rabid worm !

At least, that's how I feel each I play this demented piece of instant genius !

Hey, look at me up there on the pic with my great buddy Tyrone in the dark heat of the night ! The world was ours, I tell ya ! And so were the gals !

You can find more details about Tyrone Schmidling and incredible stories about how that killer monster 7 inch ("You're gone I'm left" / "Honey don't") was recorded (in brief : one amazed white kiddie cat singing and improvising on guitar accompanied by some black guys from a vocal group -maybe The Montagues or The Valiants since these 2 had released 7 inches for ANDEX around the same date, or any other doo-wop group - banging on whatever was around in the studio !) in KICKS magazine #4 (sadly out of print...) or on the sleeve itself of the great NORTON reissue from 1994. And yes, the version I played in the CALL OF THE WILD PIRATE RADIO episode 1 is from this awesome NORTON reish, and yes you can thank NORTON records for all these wonders they keep providing ! And yes, I can type "And yes" as many times as I want coz that's my own fockin' blog and I do what I want with it !!! AND YES !!!

Check and enjoy "Honey don't", the other side of this wonderful piece o'wax on the video below.
Mr Schmidling, you're the greatest !!!
Nuff said for today.

Will be back soon (???) I hope.

Listen to the greatness of "You're gone I'm left" in CALL OF THE WILD PIRATE RADIO episode 1 somewhere around HERE !

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Cheers !!!