The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

mercredi 14 avril 2010

A few details about CALL OF WILD PIRATE RADIO episode 1 (part 1)

Alright, here are a few details about the playlist below (see previous post) for those who care. (By the way, is there anybody here ???)

Starting off this very first episode was "Got it goin' on" by The Countdowns from their "Right on sound" lp, released in 1997 on Scooch Pooch records.

This was produced by Tim Kerr, recorded by Mike McHugh at the Distillery in Costa Mesa and the liner notes were written by Big Daddy Soul (more Big Daddy words here).
Hmm, that sure looks like a cool record !
And it is !

Listen to the killer intro of "Got it goin' on" and you'll understand that when these guys will later sing about the beat that kills, they know what they're talking about !

First comes this frantic drum beat driven by Lance Porter coupled with that fantastic bass line provided by John Sellers; the song has just started and, wow, you know you won't sit down for a while now ! You just GOT to move your lazy ass ! Ain't got no choice ! That's DYNAMITE !!!

Next come that wild larsen and that screamin' preachin' voice : "I feel alright !" : Brian Waters is in the place ! Ouch !!!

And you should have seen this live (well, maybe you have...) : Brian yelling through the mic of his distorted Telecaster (was it really a Telecaster ?) ! WOW !!!

The Countdowns were from L.A. and, besides their album and a few singles, are quite famous for having been one of Andre Williams', Mr Rhythm himself, backing band on tour and on most tracks from his "Black Godfather" album ( line up for these sessions : Brian Waters, guitar; John Sellers, bass; Zac Pike, guitar; Craig Waters, drums )on In the Red records.

Brian and Lance have been next riding The Flash Express. Check their LP "Introducing the dynamic sound of The Flash Express" released in 2003 on Hit Now records.

To be continued ... someday.
See you in the Hideout.