The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

vendredi 24 septembre 2010

"Voodoo Kiss" by Don Sargent and The Buddies

Jungle and Bongos, Voodoo and Tremolos...

What else does it take to be an ever favorite of your devoted Hoodoo Preacher ???

A reverberated harmonica ? Well, listen closely : here it comes !

"Voodoo Kiss" is a haunting captivating love jungle ballad written by Don Shea and Jack Bowman, originally released in 1959 on the Californian CATALINA records label. (Check the pic up there of the beautiful 45 and yours ugly.)

I sadly confess that I don't know much about Don Sargent nor his Buddies ( Wow ! Such a gay name, so teen and innocent (???) ! Still wondering..Is this a song about some exotic enchanted she-beauty or about some muscular semi-naked wild yet tender he-native ???).

I only know he recorded some other sides for various labels such as RCA (with Shorty Rogers and his Orchestra : "Red Ruby Lips/Deep goes my Love in 1958) or World Pacific records ("Gypsy Boots/St James Infirmary in 1959)...
Of course, I'd be glad to get some more informations from any of you rock'n'roll geeks and exotica freaks.

Here's a little bit of extra music for you, picked up from youtube. Enjoy :

See you soon I hope !