The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

mercredi 19 mai 2010


It's been quite a long time since my last post...well, it's even been a very long time !

Sorry for those who read this. I'll try to post stuff more often but you know how it is...the nights are too short and there's so many great things to achieve before the dawn !
Let's investigate the playlist a little further now...

"Down in Mexico" by the GATOR SHADES BLUES BAND.

I love that version of this great Lieber/Stoller classic ! Not as luscious and lascive as the wonderful Coasters version but so catchy it never fails in making one wanna get up and dance like a possessed freak !!! Well, it's got that effect on me !!!

GATOR SHADES BLUES BAND was in fact an alias for KENNY AND THE KASUALS backing MAX LIPSCOMB (real name of SCOTTY MCKAY). Got it ?

Let me explain : SCOTTY MCKAY was born MAX LIPSCOMB in 1937 in Dallas, Texas and died in 1991.
He's well known for being a member of GENE VINCENT 's BLUE CAPS in 1957 for a few months providing backing vocals, then a little rhythm guitar and ended up hitting a few notes on the first piano ever heard on a BLUE CAPS session.
The Legend tells us (and you know you gotta believe in legends, don't you ?) he couldn't really play any instrument but he was the right good looking cat in the right cool place at the right moment !
He then cut a few sides under the name of Scotty McKay, but I'll tell you more about this later (wait for episode 3 baby, have a fresh drink and be patient...).
Later, about 1967 I believe, he recorded this explosive version of "Down in Mexico" with THE GATOR SHADES BLUES BAND.

Yeaaaah, you're right honey, these Kenny & The Kasuals !!!
"Journey to Tyme" !!!
"Come on Kid" !!!
and more 60's Texas garage anthems...
Kenny & The Kasuals were from Dallas too. Any connection ?
They were Kenny Daniel (vocal & guitar), Lee Lightfoot (bass), Paul Roach (keyboards), David "Bird" Blachley (drums) and Jerry Smith, later replaced by Tommy Nichols (lead guitar).
And their ultra classic "Journey to Tyme" is supposed to be the first recorded tune featuring a fuzzzzzzzz bass ! Yep, that's what I've been told ! And I'm a believin' kind of guy.
But, back to our "mexican" affair, they backed up Scotty McKay and, for any reason, the latter didn't want the name of Kenny & The Kasuals to appear on the recordings. He then changed it to Gator Shades Blues Band after Paul's nickname : "Gator Shades".
And they called him "Gator Shades" coz he was always wearing dark sunglasses on stage.
You got it now ???
So enjoy this version of "Down in Mexico" again and again baby, it'll make your hips shake !
Oh, I got this version from the "Things gettin' better" lp on the Eva french record label but I'd really like to learn more about the original recordings since I hadn't been able to find any informations on it. Is there a 45 ? What's the original label ?
Any informations (or corrections) are welcome.
Thanks for being here instead of there.

To be continued...

Oops, check this before you leave :

Kenny and the Kasuals "I'm not talking" from their "Impact" lp (1965)

And a love message from Scotty McKay in 1961 :

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