The House of Wild Delights

The House of Wild Delights

vendredi 1 octobre 2010

"I Walked All Night"- The Embers

Holy Licks ! Another piece of luscious & lascivious genius ! I simply just can't get enough of this highly addictive song !

And you know what ? It makes me want to rub myself against whoever or whatever stands or lies around !'ve been warned !

Once again, I don't know much about The Embers themselves and how they recorded this way cooool masterpiece.

I just know it was recorded for Murray Nash's own Do-Ra-Me label, Nashville Tennessee, in the very early 60's I guess (Nash has been running his label from 1955 to the late 60s) and sadly stayed unreleased. Too bad...Just imagine a cute little 7" piece of wax with "I walked all night" on one side and "The Thump !" on the other...Has anyone ever seen a copy of this ? An acetate ?

The song was written by Hargus "Pig" Robbins (sitting quietly smiling behind his sunglasses on the couch up there). He may had even played on it, who knows ?

You may know the man better as Mel Robbins, the heavy breathin' piano hitter behind "Save it" (leased by Murray Nash to Chess and released on their subsidiary label Argo in 1959).
Robbins was later renowned for being a highly demanded Nashville session musician (he recorded with George Jones, Ernest Tubb, Neil Young and many many others).

Robbins became blind when he was a little kid after he had hurt himself with his father's knife.
So listen children : Don't ever play with Daddy's knife unless you REALLY want to be become a piano master !
And now, close your eyes (needn't do that if you're blind of course...), relax and feel the retarded(?) magic(??) moronic(???) mood of "I walked all night" warming your body and drawing a stupid toothless smile on your silly ugly face !
Oh, I took this tune for the podcast from the "BORN BAD vol. 7" lp compilation but you can also find it in the "Songs The Cramps taught us" serie and in the great Ace compilation "El Primitivo American Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly".
Enjoy !
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